Not again!

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Fridays seems to be troublesome, at least mechanically. While most of the people are decompressing from a week worth of work, I'm flying high on adrenaline. Parked the van beside the market to pick up [...]

That vehicle shipping thing

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** UPDATE ** Based on other travellers experience NYK is not accepting tourist vehicles anymore unless the vehicle is completely empty at shipping.  The major overlander story coming out from Panama is usually regarding to [...]

Cabinet doors

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It took more work than I imagined initially to have the proper cabinet doors in place. We purchased the Besta aluminum frame and glass inset doors from IKEA and then replaced the glass with plexiglass. [...]

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As I mentioned before , I do an extensive research on every item I purchase for the road. Up to now I didn’t come over any water container what I would like . The BPA [...]

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When nature calls you gotta do what you gotta do. Nature can call any time so we gotta be prepared for any time. As we will not have the luxury of 3 full size bathrooms [...]

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External stuff

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Big White received new tires yesterday from Costco . As usually in the last 15 years I went with some Michelin. Today the solar panel arrived as well in the form of a 150W one [...]

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Wall carpet and upper cabinets

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Started to glue on the wall carpets and installing the upper cabinets. Yes, the cabinets are red. Everything else is grey in the van gotta bring along some contrast before the whole ting start to [...]

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A long day

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Today had a long working day. Framed out all the lower cabinets and sofa/bed. No matter how much you plan the layout when the actual work is started things will unfold on "as I go" [...]

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Cabinets came second only to electrical in the amount of had-scratching performed in the make. I am definitely no cabinet maker but the idea of ordering professionally done cabinets on CNC machinery was erased for [...]

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Conversion started

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After some scrubbing demolition started. Removed all the cargo paneling, divider wall and L channels from the side walls. The channels will be installed to the ceiling and I'm positive that down the road they [...]

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