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Zion it's a very popular national park in Utah, a good daytrip from Vegas. Without diminishing its beauty, for me it was less than ideal. First of all it's not dog friendly at all which [...]

Cedar Breaks

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While waiting for my luck to come true at the Wave lottery I took a side trip to Cedar Breaks, kind of mini Bryce Canyon at high altitude. It's pretty nice, but probably you want [...]

Bryce Canyon

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One of the most charming national parks in USA is Bryce Canyon. One can sit there for hours and just watch the geological wonderland. It is a wonderland. I went back few times and hiked [...]

Red Canyon, UT

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Right on the way to Bryce Canyon from Kanab there is this little gem of weather sculpted red rocks called Red Canyon. We stopped by several times with Blaze and hiked quite a bit around [...]

Salt Lake City

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Although visiting Utah is usually comes down to the red rocks, this time I swung by Salt Lake City. The fairly compact and clean downtown was easy to visit as the visitors centre just across [...]


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Utah is a huge playground for travelers of all kind. Just going to few renowned national parks is amazing, I cannot even imagine what natural jewels has the back-country to offer. Canyonlands was not short [...]

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Monument Valley

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A second visit to Monument Valley was well worth it. It is a magnificent place, I think my most favorite natural parks in North America. It has to it something I cannot explain, some hidden [...]

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The Wave

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Everybody is dreaming about winning the lottery one day. We did. Well, not the dough one though, that still remains a dream, our number came up on the Wave Canyon lottery in the Kanab, UT [...]

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Zion and Pink Sands

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We squeezed Zion and Pink Sands in one day event. As some ares of Zion is not allowing dogs on trails it was mostly driving event. Pink Sand dunes is all-right with dogs and also [...]

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