The Gordian Knot

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The first , older, technician arrived at about 9 AM. He pulled out a scanner and hooked it up. In less then 10 minutes it was clear that he is pressing buttons on the scanner [...]

Not again!

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Fridays seems to be troublesome, at least mechanically. While most of the people are decompressing from a week worth of work, I'm flying high on adrenaline. Parked the van beside the market to pick up [...]

Hurry up and wait

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Ran out of luck in Panama City and our van broke down. Ironically it happened on the way to the DIJ inspection after leaving the NYK - Norton Lilly office in hurry, to get our [...]

Big White update

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Big White is a 2007 long wheelbase, high roof commercial Sprinter van which got purchased used with 180,000 km on board. Right now we are sitting roughly at 265,000 km. It's a Mercedes carrying a [...]

Overlander Oasis

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The miles and miles of walking around in San Miguel de Allende was followed up by less walking and more work on Big White. Overlander Oasis is just the perfect place for that. Of course [...]

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Cabinet doors

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It took more work than I imagined initially to have the proper cabinet doors in place. We purchased the Besta aluminum frame and glass inset doors from IKEA and then replaced the glass with plexiglass. [...]

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As I mentioned before , I do an extensive research on every item I purchase for the road. Up to now I didn’t come over any water container what I would like . The BPA [...]

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By | July 14th, 2013|Categories: Van conversion|Tags: , , , |

After endless research and reading of reviews finally we made a decision on the fridge. Our choice was narrowed down to ARB fridge/freezer, an Aussie product. Seems like the reviews are falling mostly on the [...]

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When nature calls you gotta do what you gotta do. Nature can call any time so we gotta be prepared for any time. As we will not have the luxury of 3 full size bathrooms [...]

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External stuff

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Big White received new tires yesterday from Costco . As usually in the last 15 years I went with some Michelin. Today the solar panel arrived as well in the form of a 150W one [...]

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