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Villa de Leyva has a poor lineup of stores, although they seems to be everywhere the selection of produce is low around the historical area. The only good source of fresh produce is the Saturday [...]

Inti Raymi continued

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According to the local media there were about 2,000 dancers at the Inti Raymi festival in Cotacachi the past weekend and about 370 police. I left the event at about two in the afternoon on [...]

Inti Raymi, the show goes on

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The Inti Raymi dances went on and on Saturday in the main plaza and streets of Cotacachi. People were quite soggy by the end of the day from all the alcohol consumed and smokes rolled. [...]

Toacaso, more photos

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OK, let's do another post on the Toacaso chagra event.  

Chagras Part 3

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Here is the third part of the photos I took at the Rumipamba event. It was one of my favourite photography moments in Ecuador.  


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The official description goes like 'Cabalgada de identidad Ruminahuense'. Location: Sangolqui-Rumipamba. Participants: Chagras de EcuadorĀ aka Cowboys of Ecuador. Event: a two day absolutely down to Earth parade-rodeo and what comes with it. Day one: parade [...]

Post No.484

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Never lower your camera, never quit practicing. I watched a video with a frontline guitar player the other day, yup 3-4 hours practice every day, he said. Why would photography be different? There's always something [...]

Extending tourist visa in Ecuador

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I extended my Ecuador tourist visa in Ibarra. There is a new option of 90 days extension introduced in February 2017. Given the fact that is a smaller city and everything s 5-10 minutes away [...]

Back to Ibarra

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We crossed the border from Peru and by next day late evening we arrived to Ibarra. It was a long shot but the Ecuadorian roads are getting better and better and driving through the country [...]

Quito and more

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Ecuador is quite different from Colombia. I would say after Colombia Ecuador feels almost empty. While there is quite a bit of traffic and crowd in Quito, other than that the streets are more quiet. [...]