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Tikal is one of the major Mayan archaeological sites and was not disappointing at all even after we have seen 20+ sites in Mexico already. When it comes to this Maya ruins most of the [...]

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Becan became a favorite quickly. The compact site has three plazas surrounded by pyramids of various sizes, a ball court and a unique tunnel. The whole site is surrounded by ravine (ditch). So why a [...]

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Dzibanche and Kinichna

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Dzibanche and Kinichna are a bit off the beaten archaeological path, they are less crowded, but still have plenty to offer for those who just cannot get away from Mayan ruins. They are less visited, [...]

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Facts: positioned in Mexico’s largest biosphere reserve, deep in the jungle just 35 km from the Guatemalan border. Compared to all the other Mexican pyramid ruins open to the public it’s the hardest to access [...]

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Uxmal is the second most visited Mayan site in the Yucatan and just as expensive as Chichen Itza at $ 200 per person, night shows used to be included in the price but now is [...]

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Just under an hour from Campeche is the uncrowded archaeological site of Edzna, one of the nicest we have visited on this trip so far. Compact but unique in its own way, you can climb [...]

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Chichen Itza

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Our tenth Mayan site to visit was no less than Chichen Itza,(it really sounds like chicken pizza) I wouldn't call it my number one favorite Mayan site, but it has its own charm beside the [...]

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The drive from San Cristobal de las Casas to Tonina was the longest 105 kilometers so far, taking us a total of three hours to get there. The topsy curvy, up-and-down road was loaded with [...]

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Monte Alban

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We visited Monte Alban on a hot weather, must have been 40 C, but we were not the only crazy people around, obviously there are other tourists willing to pay the fee of a heat [...]

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