Transfer point

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Popayan is the capital city of the Cauca department of Colombia. It is a real colonial city, founded in 1537 by the Spanish conquistadors. Not to be confused with colourful tourist traps as Salento or [...]

Popayan to San Agustin

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Today we were doing some real overlanding. We drove 138 km in 7.5 hours, a new personal record. The road from Popayan to San Agustin was one of the slowest of all times. While the [...]


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It took about an hour or so to get from Popayan to Silvia, Cauca. Every Tuesday the Guambiano indigenous people will come down to the village to sell/buy stuff in the market. There are about [...]

First impressions Colombia

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Lets see some first impressions about Colombia. Based on other overlander impressions Colombia supposed to be 'even cheaper' than Ecuador. It is, sort of, but hold on with that thought for a second. If you [...]

Ecoparque Rayos del Sol

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I really cannot plan beforehand for how long we are going to stay in any given campground. There are gazillion of reasons which will determine the length of stay. This is the case of Ecoparque [...]


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It's been exactly three years since HOBOtrail kicked off. That time I never thought about more than one maybe one-and-half years on the road. That's the average Panamerican travel length. It's been thirty-six months since [...]

Ipiales to Popayan

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It took nine hours to grind 358 km today. That's pretty much 40 km/h rolling speed in average. Most of the time we were alone on the road, I wouldn't say that there was much [...]