Flying a dog to Ecuador

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We had an early rise and shine on travel day in Hostel Siriri, PTY.  Sent off a call to our taxi guy, Rolando, who drove me to exchange the crate two days before, to pick [...]

Concrete Jungle

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We overstayed Panama roughly with 30 days. It was an interesting time period with lots of sweat and nerves, filled with paperwork and uncertainty. With all that there was plenty to lay the camera lens [...]


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Panama means the end of the North American continent. There are two Americas, North and South, Central America is not a continent, it's a geopolitical division. Panama can be frustrating and it turned out to [...]

That vehicle shipping thing

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** UPDATE ** Based on other travellers experience NYK is not accepting tourist vehicles anymore unless the vehicle is completely empty at shipping.  The major overlander story coming out from Panama is usually regarding to [...]

Panama Canal Railway

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Panama seems to be about two things, the Canal and the Banks these days. But its said that the Canal would have not been possible to build without the Panama Railway, which played a major [...]

Colonial Panama

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The best place to experience the colonial Panama is in the old town called Casco Antigo or Casco Viejo. It is the oldest part of town inhabited today. It's neighbouring the slums of El Chorillo, [...]

Back to Boquete

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It was time to return to Panama City and book our ride, well Big White's ride to another continent. Back to the NYK office, Norton Lilly and started the booking process again. Everything flows slowly [...]

Coco Art

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On the way back from Portobelo we stopped by a place called Coco Art, ran by Luis a Colombian artist/diver. He brings up stuff from the bottom of the bay from shipwrecks and sells them [...]


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On the way back from Shelter Bay to Colon we discovered that you can cross through a ferry service, free of charge and much faster than the road through the Gatun locks. Then the road [...]

Shelter Bay

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From the slums of Colon we drove to Shelter Bay (Chelter Bay how the locals call it). The drive goes by the Gatun locks, crossing the Canal after some waiting time below the actual locks [...]