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These photos are taken at the Parque Condor bird sanctuary in Otavalo.  

Post No.480

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With quite a few blog posts and thousands of photos uploaded already sometimes I have no clue how to name a new blog post. Obviously people will look at the photos and maybe read a [...]


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Scary, strange, adjusting, getting used to it and normal. I guess these are the stages of traveling in Latin America. Blending in and understanding it 100% is out of question, I think you need to [...]

Another visit to Otavalo

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Otavalo was pretty much Gringovalo on Saturday, I never seen this many tourists, maybe at Chichicastenango in Guatemala, at an artisan market. The market is loaded with tons of 'indigenous' crafts, pretty much sure that [...]

S’more Otavalo

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I took a bunch of photos this Saturday in Otavalo. any surprise there? My camera comes with a 250,000 clicks guarantee by the manufacturer so that would be let's say 10,000 photos per country roughly. [...]

Return to Otavalo

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A few photos from today's animal market in Otavalo. I guess I focused more on the people than the animals.    

Just another day

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Just another day on the road today ended up differently than planned. Supposed to drive out to a volcanic lagoon, but a quick stop in Otavalo turned into a  few hours stay and that was [...]

Tele extender

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There is a piece of photo equipment I rarely use, the 1.4 Kenko tele extender. Finally I decided to give it a try to see where I'm standing if I need to use it. The [...]

Not a vegan story

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Not exactly a vegan story to be on an early morning in Otavalo's animal market. Once a week, on Saturdays, the dusty lot at the edge of Otavalo comes to life at the break of [...]


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You know I'm really not the "7 best things to do in Ecuador" type of blogger. There are lots of small stories coming along while traveling. Today was no exception. I flip flopped the idea [...]