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Nelson came up on the radar by mistake, I was looking for something else, I don't remember what anymore. This little photographers gem got me coming back twice with my cameras. It's an abandoned mining [...]

Valley of Fire, part 3

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Yes, there was part three in Valley of Fire. After spending a day in Nelson at the ghost town I swirled back and drove up to Valley of Fire again. More hikes and more fun [...]

Valley of Fire part.2

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After my grand finale in Kanab, which was the Wave hike, I went back a few days to Valley of Fire. This place is just calling my name. More hikes followed and of course more [...]

Valley of Fire

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This place ranks high on my favourite camping and hiking list. Do yourself a favour if you visit Vegas, rent a car and drive out to the Valley of Fire. You'll never regret it. Even [...]

Ghost town

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One of my all-time favorite concert was Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, seen in Calgary, 2014 at the Jubilee. Man, they raised the auditorium on its feet and kept it there for a few [...]

Las Vegas

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Las Vegas is one of the greatest cities in USA. In order to observe that you actually have to stay sober and leave the strip area to see other stuff too. As for photos, I [...]

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