Hot dance

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It was a hot dance under the burning midday sun in the Jardin, San Miguel de Allende today. The celebration was on a smaller scale as two days before, but just as interesting and the [...]

Sacred Dances

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A second series of images from the sacred dances in San Miguel de Allende.  

El Señor de La Conquista

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The drum beats from the celebrations for El Señor de La Conquista (The Lord of the Conquest) filled San Miguel Allende on the first Friday of March. It's celebrating the acceptance of Christ by the [...]

Belly dance

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Belly dance among other stuff was on today in San Miguel de Allende, first in the Jardine then in the Benito Juarez Park. Not going to write a long story about it, the photos will [...]


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I rolled in to Bernal without much excitement as the haze was pretty high in the air, nothing unusual in Mexico. Luckily after parking Big White the wind picked up a bit and blew out [...]


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Todays photos were all shot with a Canon 7DMK2 & 70-200F2.8 lens, tripod was involved in all photos. All these photos are 'as is' just out of camera, no bs no PS. While I prefer [...]

Short walk long

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Dropped a camera in the backpack just in case and took Blaze for a quick walk. Got back some three hours later. Almost walked out of town, at least based on the Google Maps app [...]

Still idling

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Still idling in San Miguel de Allende, it's been a month since I'm in this town, but cannot really complain there's lots of things to see and do around just an hour or two drive [...]

Back to Atotonilco

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Here are some photos from my second visit to the Atotonilco Sanctuary. It's a good place to practice indoor photography in uneven lighting. The light goes from bright sunshine seeping in through the windows to [...]

Ruta Capillas de Indios

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Atotonilco is a good starting point for the 'ruta capillas de indios' which translates to 'indian chapel route', sounds a bit funny as the indians did not built the chapels. They were built by missionaries [...]