Green desert

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Although we are basically in a desert(ish) place, at least that's how it looked 6-7 months ago when we were here before we crossed to Colombia, now it's all green. It rains cats and dogs [...]

People and places

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So really, what one will see while traveling? People and places. Stuff that surround the people and fill up the places. Things that people do. If different than the things we do and people surround [...]

Extending tourist visa in Ecuador

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I extended my Ecuador tourist visa in Ibarra. There is a new option of 90 days extension introduced in February 2017. Given the fact that is a smaller city and everything s 5-10 minutes away [...]

Back to Ibarra

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We crossed the border from Peru and by next day late evening we arrived to Ibarra. It was a long shot but the Ecuadorian roads are getting better and better and driving through the country [...]

Back to Ecuador

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After using up our visa and an extension in Colombia, we crossed back to Ecuador just one day before our visa extension expired. That means we spent a total of six months in Colombia. Some [...]

Finca Sommerwind

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This German expat family owned finca is one of those places in Latin America where overlanders will find a complete setup for comfortable overstay, rest, clean up, fix up, laundry, do all those small things [...]

Not again!

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Fridays seems to be troublesome, at least mechanically. While most of the people are decompressing from a week worth of work, I'm flying high on adrenaline. Parked the van beside the market to pick up [...]


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We've been overstaying at Finca Sommerwind for almost two weeks now, not that is super exciting around here, but there are several small things to fix up on the van. Looks like we are not [...]

Healing waters

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Drove out from Ibarra to Chachimbirro for few hours and ended up staying two nights, unplanned. The pools of Arco Iris are filled with volcanic thermal water of various temperatures and they looked attractive for [...]