Antigua Guatemala

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Antigua is quite different from San Pedro, kinda similar feel as San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, lots of colonial buildings and lots of expats/tourists. As last year we spent quite a bit of time [...]

Santiago de Atitlan

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A short boat trip across the lake from out temporary home in San Pedro took us to Santiago de Atitlan, the largest town on the shores of Lake Atitlan and seemed much cleaner than San [...]

San Pedro la Laguna, the mercado

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The mercado (farmers market) is the best place to pick up fresh produce directly from the producers at low prices. The produce and prices vary daily, couldn't figure out why. Sometimes the same vendor would [...]

San Pedro la Laguna, the people

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The people of San Pedro la Laguna are the Mayans, more precisely the Tz'utujil ethnic group. There are 22 ethnic groups in Guatemala and 40% of the country's population is indigenous Maya. Tz'utujils are populating [...]

Semana Santa in Guatemala

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A truly unique experience in Guatemala, whether one is religious or not, the procession on Semana Santa. These photos were taken at San Pedro la Laguna, on the shores of Lake Atitlan during several days [...]

Almost crossed the border

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Almost crossed the border from Honduras to Guatemala, almost. The Copan crossing is quite different from all the other ones in Honduras, it’s clean, civilized and fast. Checked out from Honduras in ten minutes and [...]

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La Antigua Guatemala

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La Antigua Guatemala is one of the old capitals of the country, third in the row to be more precise, seems like the capital city was moved around a few times. After a shattering earthquake [...]

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San Pedro to Antigua via Chichicastenango

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Somehow we tore ourselves away from San Pedro la Laguna after another three weeks of stay, which totaled to four week spent in this town. Although at first sight there is not much to San [...]

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Feliciano Pop

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Feliciano Pop, a former mayor of San Pedro, has devoted his retirement to helping those less fortunate than himself. He has opened a small museum filled with stone carvings he has made from volcanic pumice. [...]

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Chona Perez

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Chona Perez is a highly celebrated 90 years old midwife, healer and community leader, who helped some 10,000 women to deliver their babies in San Padero la Laguna and surrounding villages. Along her long carrier [...]

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