Sea level

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Rolled down from Vilcabamba to sea level. First the road climbs up to about 2,500 m altitude from Vilcabamba and after some usual rollercoaster drive through the mountains drops down to sea level. The road [...]

Medellin to El Jardin

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We supposed to arrive in 3-3.5 hrs to El Jardin from Medellin on 132 km of asphalted roads. Yeah right. It took us an hour just to get out of Medellin. After some 20 minutes [...]

Tatacoa to Salento

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The only road out of Tatacoa leads back South to Neiva then from there there are few hours of drive through the hot desert at 38C at about 400 meters altitude. Only about 15 km [...]

From Palenque to Chetumal

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The road itself from Palenque to Chetumal has nothing exciting to it, mostly flatland and lots of straight road portions, time for some speed after the dragging between San Cristobal DLC to Palenque. Beside the [...]

The Long Run

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Since we left Calgary basically we have barely seen the sun. Most of the time was overcast with high winds and the rain on and off. The drive from Rapid City to Sioux Falls was [...]

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Air turbulence

By | September 28th, 2013|Categories: Canada, USA|Tags: , , |

We have spent a week in Calgary at our ever patient and generous friends house. We have been busy with wrapping up loose ends before we finally departing to our trip and fine tuning Big [...]

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