Toacaso, outside the arena

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Yesterday I posted photos of what happens in the rodeo ring. Today we look at photos taken outside the arena. This is one of those events in Ecuador I warmly recommend visiting before it vanishes [...]

Machachi 2

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A few more shots from Machachi. It's been a week ago but I was out of internet for a while.      


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I was really enchanted with my last series of 'chagra' in Ecuador, so I decided to visit another competition and shoot a new series of photos. I think the photos talk for themselves.     [...]

Chagras Part 3

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Here is the third part of the photos I took at the Rumipamba event. It was one of my favourite photography moments in Ecuador.  


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Part two of the Rumipamba event in Ecuador.  


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The official description goes like 'Cabalgada de identidad Ruminahuense'. Location: Sangolqui-Rumipamba. Participants: Chagras de EcuadorĀ aka Cowboys of Ecuador. Event: a two day absolutely down to Earth parade-rodeo and what comes with it. Day one: parade [...]


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Side trip from Blanco took me to Boerne, Bandera and Comfort, TX. Comfort seemed a nice little chill town with a well kept historic main street, the usual bars-shops-antigues-restaurants set up. Sent off a bit [...]

Willcox, AZ

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The way to Chiricahua NM goes through Willcox, AZ. Stopped by for a quick walk in the chilly early morning air. Half an hour- hour will suffice to snap few photos of the old downtown [...]


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Tombstone is one of those places which didn't generate the same amount of excitement on second visit as the first time. Although the place is real, with real history and all, it morphed into a [...]

In Wyatt Earp’s steps

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New Mexico was not short on great moments at all, but we have to move on sometimes, next to visit on the map was Arizona. Just a short drive from I-10 was the historical town [...]

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