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Mido is an eco-tourism paradise about an hour away from Quito. Birdwatchers should be in heaven in this area. The daily rain is guaranteed and the cloud forest keeps the temperature somewhat lower than other [...]

Bye Medellin!

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So we left Medellin after four months and headed to the Ecuadorian border. We touched few familiar points on our way as Salento, Filandia, Las Lajas again. Took a hike in the Cocora Valley again [...]

Rest stop

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We entered Colombia from Ecuador on August 28, 2016. After a few days of driving I was convinced that we will be out from here in about a month. I think the main thing what [...]


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For few days it was pouring rain. It rained all day and it cleared at night so it was on the cool side. Then finally the rain stopped and the sun peaked out. It felt [...]

Tuning in a camera

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There are endless discussions, teachings, tech talk, youtube videos, blogs, reviews so on about cameras. I used to go to gazillion sites and ended up with not much on the learning curve. I always thought [...]

Exotic fruits

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I will start to take photos of the exotic fruits and veggies specific to the areas we travel through. I should have done this long time ago, but never too late. Eventually I will even [...]

Renewing car permit in Colombia

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So we renewed our tourist visas and next was to renew the temporary car import permit. A fairly simple process, right in the middle of downtown Medellin at the DIAN office. The renewal is free [...]

Colombia extended

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On August 29th we entered Colombia and we intended to stay a month, maybe two. Today we extended our tourist visas in Medellin. How 'bout that? The process went fairly smooth. First you need to [...]

Colombian prices

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Not much of a budget statistics guy as sometimes makes no sense, but this time I drew up a list on Colombian prices. It's far from complete but it gives a basic idea of what [...]

Rainy season

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While traveling the Pan-Am seems like sooner or later one will catch up with the rainy season. Well, the shortest description I can draw up is 'it rains, then it rains some more'. Sometimes it [...]