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It was just a natural thing to drive up to Sequoia national park after Yosemite, being close by. Instead of dropping into a deep valley like in Yosemite, I drove up to higher altitudes this [...]


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Not much I can say beside what already been said about Yosemite, which could be described in one word: awesome! One of the most dog friendly national parks in the USA, actually you can take [...]


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A short sidetrip on the way up to Yosemite will take you to the 'famous' ghost town of Hornitos. An hour will suffice in this small town, anyways the abandoned structures are almost all surrounded [...]

Salton Sea

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My daytrip to the Salton Sea area was a compounded one of Bombay Beach, Salvation Mountain, Slab City and East Jesus. Whenever I think back to my trip the first thing I remember is the [...]

Joshua Tree

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Joshua Tree national park was not even in my plan originally, then  said, "ok one night". I stayed almost a week. Jumbo Rock was the home base, very popular campground, don't even think arriving Saturday [...]

Death Valley, ghost story?

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Returned to the Death Valley the third time. This time camped at the Furnace Creek campground, just behind the visitor center for few night and took day-trips from there. The valley has a pretty large [...]

Extended Cabo

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After 5 nights of stay we packed up the van, said goodbye to our local friends and...stayed another two days in Cabo. It must be a Baja thing, to stick around longer than planned. [...]

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Playa Santa Maria

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Just next to Chileno Beach is Playa Santa Maria, another public beach consisting of a nice little bay with sandy shore, a great snorkeling spot just East from Cabo. This one fortunately had no dog [...]

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El Arco

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Our local friends in Cabo took us to sail around El Arco, the local thing to do around here. We embarked a catamaran in the busy marina located just next to downtown Cabo at 5 [...]

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San Jose del Cabo

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Today we visited the quiet sister town of Cabos San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, which turned out a quite nice place, with its historical downtown and the art galleries around it. Much quieter than [...]

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