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It was just a natural thing to drive up to Sequoia national park after Yosemite, being close by. Instead of dropping into a deep valley like in Yosemite, I drove up to higher altitudes this [...]


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Not much I can say beside what already been said about Yosemite, which could be described in one word: awesome! One of the most dog friendly national parks in the USA, actually you can take [...]

Extended Cabo

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After 5 nights of stay we packed up the van, said goodbye to our local friends and...stayed another two days in Cabo. It must be a Baja thing, to stick around longer than planned. [...]

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El Arco

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Our local friends in Cabo took us to sail around El Arco, the local thing to do around here. We embarked a catamaran in the busy marina located just next to downtown Cabo at 5 [...]

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