Willcox, AZ

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The way to Chiricahua NM goes through Willcox, AZ. Stopped by for a quick walk in the chilly early morning air. Half an hour- hour will suffice to snap few photos of the old downtown [...]


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Tombstone is one of those places which didn't generate the same amount of excitement on second visit as the first time. Although the place is real, with real history and all, it morphed into a [...]

Bisbee, AZ

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Take Butte uptown shake it up and drop a quarter of it in far South Arizona. You get Bisbee. I dropped by on the same day when I visited Tombstone for a quick photo tour [...]


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Tucson has a different vibe to it than Phoenix and offers just as many things to see. Generally speaking getting bored in Arizona is not possible in my opinion. Pima Air Museum was my main [...]


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The fairly compact national monument in South Arizona is featuring some interesting vertical rock formations, great ground for geological studies. The erosion created a bunch of balancing rocks, with green moss growing on them. Unfortunately [...]


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I wish I could have stayed more in Sedona, but the cold weather was closing in on me and I had to get to lower altitudes. But not before I had two hikes to the [...]

Cathedral Rock

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USA has a long list of outstanding photography destinations and Sedona's Cathedral Rock is high on that list. There are two different hikes to the area to get close to the cliffs, from East and [...]


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Montezuma Castle national monument, that's quite a cool name, isn't it? It belongs to some ancient cliff dwellings in Central Arizona. You pay one entry fee (or show national pass) and gain entry to three [...]

Old Scottsdale

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Old Scottsdale turned out to be a neat place to visit, a bit on the tourist trap side but still enjoyable. I went back twice actually on consecutive days and managed to walk miles and [...]


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If not on the first spot, which has been taken by Valley of Fire, NV, but holding very close up on second place as my favourite place in the USA is the Superstition Mountains, AZ. [...]