My story so far

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The beginning

I was born in Transylvania. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? My first camera was a Russian made viewfinder Smena SL, with fixed lens and I got it at age eight. For that we had to sell the slide projector to fund the purchase. I used to shoot ORWO B&W films and develop the prints  in the darkroom (usually the bathroom) myself, up until the end of my university years. I know how fixer smells.

While living in Budapest, Hungary in the mid-nineties I was able to purchase my first Canon EOS Elan IIE/50E SLR camera and matching flash, right after it was released on the European market. This was the first camera to implement TTL flash. Canon replaced my extensive Praktica gear and kick-started my higher interest in photography. I used to shoot Konica Chrome and AGFA slides with my new gear. This camera followed me to Canada, where I arrived in 1996 and since then I call this place home.

Trail search

The road to professional photography did not come fast and easy.  After some trail searching dipping into stock-image production had its advantages and back-drafts as well; for now I’m holding on as it supplies some funds for traveling. My dog Blaze, a Hungarian Vizsla, turned out an excellent model and together we produced some great original images. My images are featured in magazines, as book covers,  TV stations, web pages, billboards, advertising and newspapers all around the world.

New Frontiers

2013 is the year when my lifestyle went under renovation. The house got sold, furniture got sold, garage sales got rid of small things. Valuables went into boxes and to the basements of understanding and helpful friends. Essentials and photo gear got loaded into the van. Turned on the key, waved good-bye to Calgary and hit the road. The future? Who knows…for now is the road and the cameras.

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