The Spaniards came, conquered, sliced and diced, then tore down as much as possible from the Mesoamreican structures. Much of the demolition material was reused to build colonial cities. Much of the convent in Izamal was built from blocks from the pyramids. If they couldn’t tear it down then built a church on the top, as in the case of Cholula. Civilizations come and go and Latin America is a good example on that too. There was not much conservation on the conquerors mind. Some 500+ years went by and these days we visit these towns as romantic colonial towns, not really thinking about much what was once at the base of it. All we can say history repeats itself, here and everywhere else. The conquerors always change the landscape and build it their own way. Do you think it’s different now? Look around, even those colonial buildings are getting torn down and “modern” highrise construction is taking over, this time doesn’t really matter the culture, they all look the same from Mexico city to Dubai, from Vienna to Shanghai. As time goes by the construction methods are getting cheaper and cheaper and the structures will not likely to last as long anymore. We will have less and less history to show to generations down the road.