Hold that thought

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Casa de Terracota: 'Since its origin and concept, the Colombian architect Octavio Mendoza Morales seeks to promote an alternative and harmonious lifestyle for the individual and the community, as well as for the surrounding environment.' [...]


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Villa de Leyva has a poor lineup of stores, although they seems to be everywhere the selection of produce is low around the historical area. The only good source of fresh produce is the Saturday [...]


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Guadalajara de Buga, Valle de Cauca is one of oldest towns in Colombia.  It is known for it's famous Basilica del Señor de los Milagros, cattle industry and the crash of American Airlines Flight 965, [...]

Punchi Warmi

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Punchi Warmi means Women's Power in Quechua language. After having the men's 'toma de la plaza'  '(occupy the plaza) event for four days in Cotacahi Ecuador, the women closed the Inti Raymi celebrations on Saturday, [...]

Beyond Inti Raymi

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Inti Raymi is the celebration of the summer solstice. Sounds simple and it is. In Cotacachi it's taken beyond that by men on the 'Toma de la Plaza' days. It morphed into a rebellious act [...]

Machachi 2

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A few more shots from Machachi. It's been a week ago but I was out of internet for a while.      


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The official description goes like 'Cabalgada de identidad Ruminahuense'. Location: Sangolqui-Rumipamba. Participants: Chagras de Ecuador aka Cowboys of Ecuador. Event: a two day absolutely down to Earth parade-rodeo and what comes with it. Day one: parade [...]

Post No.484

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Never lower your camera, never quit practicing. I watched a video with a frontline guitar player the other day, yup 3-4 hours practice every day, he said. Why would photography be different? There's always something [...]

Olmedo Pesillo

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One of those 'just drive and we'll see where we end up' day-trip. Drove up from Ibarra to Zuleta and kept going until we reached Olmedo-Pesillo. There are two adjacent indigenous villages under one jurisdiction. [...]

Canon 70-200 F2.8L surgery

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I the past few weeks my Canon 70-200 F2.8L felt somewhat strange then it became more and more obvious that is sick. The lens elements became loose. The front element above the focus ring and [...]