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Looks like 90 % of the days around here end up with pretty nice sunsets above the Pacific. The beach is OK-ish, not one of those Caribbean white sands one. There is salty water (sorta [...]


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While we are idling in Swisswassi waiting for the road conditions to improve in Peru cannot let those cameras getting rusty. Blaze and the sunset are always a good theme.  

Dead fish

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We woke up to strong fish smell. It came from a pack of dead fishes on the shore, just 50 m from us. The birds were having a feast on the water and on the [...]


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While we planned to stay few days anyways at Swisswassi campground, we can change the reason of stay to 'stranded'. So the Peru floods took out several roads and bridges lately and therefore there is [...]


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Tumbes is not quite in forefront of Peruvian travel books. Beside being the first large(ish) town after border-crossing from Ecuador not much to write home about. Hot, humid and you get a first taste of [...]

Crossing to Peru

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Huaquillas was considered the worst border crossing in South America by Lonely Planet travel guide 2013 edition. Shady and all of that. Beside being lengthy and lacking logic it wasn't shady at all. This follows [...]