Exotic fruits

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I will start to take photos of the exotic fruits and veggies specific to the areas we travel through. I should have done this long time ago, but never too late. Eventually I will even [...]

Food in Ecuador

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Food in Ecuador so far is the most affordable of all places I have been, even lower price than in Mexico. It seems that vegetarianism is not a huge thing generally speaking. Supermarkets are expensive [...]

Street food

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Today had a bit of street food tour. First had one of these sweet breads from an old lady baking them on a hot metal plate. The sweetness was not from sugar, rather from fruit [...]

Coffee culture

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Coffee production is pretty big in Guatemala. We visited a Fair Trade Organic coffee processing center, which exports about 2,000 bags per season, some to Europe and mostly to Asia. We learned few things more [...]

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So here we are, land of the coffee and we cannot come across a bag of good, nicely roasted coffee to brew in the mornings. The last bag we bought was a disaster, tasting sour. [...]

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