Punchi Warmi

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Punchi Warmi means Women's Power in Quechua language. After having the men's 'toma de la plaza'  '(occupy the plaza) event for four days in Cotacahi Ecuador, the women closed the Inti Raymi celebrations on Saturday, [...]

Inti Raymi continued

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According to the local media there were about 2,000 dancers at the Inti Raymi festival in Cotacachi the past weekend and about 370 police. I left the event at about two in the afternoon on [...]

Post 505

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These days everything has a meaning. I reached blog post 505 and looked up what the number means. Actually more than one thing: Pronounced Five-Oh-Five. The thing which is simultaneously keeping you alive and killing [...]

Beyond Inti Raymi

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Inti Raymi is the celebration of the summer solstice. Sounds simple and it is. In Cotacachi it's taken beyond that by men on the 'Toma de la Plaza' days. It morphed into a rebellious act [...]

Inti Raymi, the show goes on

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The Inti Raymi dances went on and on Saturday in the main plaza and streets of Cotacachi. People were quite soggy by the end of the day from all the alcohol consumed and smokes rolled. [...]

Inti Raymi

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Inti Raymi is the celebration of the summer solstice. This event is celebrated just about everywhere in South America. Being in Ecuador at the moment I chose to observe this event in Cotacachi, the same [...]

Colonial hangover

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Chuchaqui is a word adopted from the Quechua language, which means hangover from drunkenness. Also often used to describe the contradictory state between colonialism and independence. Bullfighting is one of the Spanish customs that is [...]

Getting close

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While in case of events I prefer long lens with cropped frame camera, in tight spaces it might help to have an extra setup. In my case that's 16-35 mm on full frame. You are [...]

Corpus Christi, Pujili, Part 2

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A second series of photos from the Corpus Christi celebration in the Andean town of Pujili, Ecuador. On Saturday there was a national participation, groups representing basically all regions of the country. On Sunday only [...]

Corpus Cristi, Pujili, Part 1

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For a small country Ecuador offers a wide range of cultural and geographical experience. It's an amazing country. While a year ago we have seen a small-ish Corpus Cristi parade in Panama, this year the [...]