Getting close

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While in case of events I prefer long lens with cropped frame camera, in tight spaces it might help to have an extra setup. In my case that's 16-35 mm on full frame. You are [...]

Corpus Christi, Pujili, Part 2

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A second series of photos from the Corpus Christi celebration in the Andean town of Pujili, Ecuador. On Saturday there was a national participation, groups representing basically all regions of the country. On Sunday only [...]

Corpus Cristi, Pujili, Part 1

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For a small country Ecuador offers a wide range of cultural and geographical experience. It's an amazing country. While a year ago we have seen a small-ish Corpus Cristi parade in Panama, this year the [...]

Toacaso, more photos

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OK, let's do another post on the Toacaso chagra event.  

Toacaso, outside the arena

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Yesterday I posted photos of what happens in the rodeo ring. Today we look at photos taken outside the arena. This is one of those events in Ecuador I warmly recommend visiting before it vanishes [...]

Toacaso, arena action

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A third visit to a chagra event took place at the high altitude small town of Toacaso, Cotopaxi, at about 3,100 meters altitude. When we arrived it was absolutely stunning sunny weather which later on [...]

The other side of the Andes

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We rolled down to the other side of the Andes. Drove up to Nueva Loja, practically 20 km from the Colombian border, then down to Coca, Loreto, Archidona, Tena and Puerto Misahualli. Hot, hot, hot [...]

Machachi 2

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A few more shots from Machachi. It's been a week ago but I was out of internet for a while.      

Sinchi Warmi

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We stayed two nights at Sinchi Warmi lodge by Misahualli. A very nice place ran by indigenous families, well organized and very clean. The only thing missing is wifi at this place, everything else is [...]


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I was really enchanted with my last series of 'chagra' in Ecuador, so I decided to visit another competition and shoot a new series of photos. I think the photos talk for themselves.     [...]