Ishpingo aka ‘canela amazonica’ (Amazonian cinnamon) is the Ecuadorian cinnamon-like spice. One sniff and you’re hooked. I discovered it in the produce market of Ibarra while looking for strange things. It is the flower part of the tree and the aroma is somewhere of a cinnamon mixed with a touch of vanilla and something more. Used in the colada morada a once a year drink, but also in preparation of sauce for chicken or natural perfumes and soaps. The look is more like an ancient clay pottery in the closeups, the diameter is about 1.5-2 inches. It’s not cheap, you’ll get 3 pieces for $1, but once you smell it, you want to take with you a few. When the vendor told me the price I walked away, but the aroma stuck in my nose and 5 minutes later I was back and bought some.


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