Barichara has the nickname of ‘the prettiest small town in Colombia’. Sure, it’s a great place to take some awesome photos. As for me, El Jardin of Antioquia still tops the chart. While not questioning the awesomeness of Barichara, somehow the ‘tranquillo’ feel was not there. Something was just missing from the big picture. For those interested in more deep details about the place this article (click) is so well written that I just link it, no need a copy-paste action. Should the facts put off your visit? Well, you decide that, are you willing to shovel up $100 for a night in a hotel here? You can just boon-dock in the parking lot as I did, it’s free and absolutely safe. While one or two streets and the main plaza was busy with tourists the rest of the place felt like ghost-town basically. Now and then a tuk-tuk rolled by with tourist who generally snapped phone photos without getting out of the three wheeled taxi. The restaurants seems to be filled up pretty good in the evenings. Walked around about 5-6 times with different camera setups and then just shrugged, it’s pretty, I appreciate it,  but not my cup of tea and moved on.

The best spot for overlanders is in the front of this chapel or in the large lot behind it. I preferred the exposed front parking lot. I had hard time snapping photos here. Soon as I set up my tripod seemed like the building acted like a magnet. People would walk right in the frame and not willing to leave at all. Folded my tripod and walked away, they would walk away. I walked back, they walked back. It felt like a really stupid game.

The best view is from here and basically empty all the time. Tuk-tuks will stop few feet behind me with tourists for a few second then drive off.

The easiest to catch a tuk-tuk is in the main plaza. As the town is tiny I didn’t felt like I need a ride any time.


Romanian ‘Aro’ as mini-chiva.

Blaze doing his part, few people snapp

My ‘camping’ for three nights in the front of the popular chapel which is 100 meters behind the van.

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