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Casa de Terracota: ‘Since its origin and concept, the Colombian architect Octavio Mendoza Morales seeks to promote an alternative and harmonious lifestyle for the individual and the community, as well as for the surrounding environment.’ Let’s continue: ‘Among other things, he suggests that the act of “dwelling” not only involves occupying the interior spaces of the house, but also relating to those outside and around;┬áTherefore, through its construction system and corresponding philosophy, it invites to welcome innovative dynamics that transform from the process of design and construction to its very occupation, thus inviting to create a closer bond between the spaces and their ( S) resident (s).’ Hold that thought.

In a short sentence: preaching water, drinking wine aka bullshit. Just like Al Gore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jane Fonda so on. Arcosanti (AZ) went down the drain the same way, so far. It’s interesting, very interesting, awesome, also is an excellent source of income but the project itself has not proved itself, so far. Real-time arcology (architecture and ecology) remains so far in it’s conceptual phase and a sci-fi book theme.

Let’s face it, the Casa de Terracota claims to be the largest piece of pottery in the world and that’s fine, it might be. But the claims of the creator with the eco-bs, harmonious lifestyle and all that, well it’s not really holding up. As matter of fact nobody ever lived in this structure to prove any of the claims. Yes, dig up some clay, build an ‘eco-house’ and all that, sounds great…on paper, in a preach, in an article, as a concept. The owner lives in a regular home next door. The place is continuously worked on and as the signs indicate is more towards the direction of making it even more surrealist than eco-home. Other than that is a cool place and tourists are paying up, swarming in for selfies like crazy. The place opens at 9 AM, I went in with Blaze at 9:02 and in 10 minutes we had a full house of visitors. As far as I noticed generally speaking the visitors were more into photos than ‘eco-study’ of the structure. I must admit it was nice of them to let me in with my puppy though. Blaze fit into the colour scheme quite well and he lived up to his claim that he will behave awesome. Now let’s see the photos I managed to add to the pool of millions of photos taken by others, minus the selfies. To be honest the place would serve as a perfect backdrop for some steam punk photoshoot.

Couldn’t figure it out exactly how one will make a fire under the coffee pots.

The tail biter monster.

OK, the sower I liked.

Living here would make me feel like a caveman.

Blaze is trying to be ‘interesting’.

The ‘master bedroom’.

Sleeping on this terracota bed without a mattress will give you a first class eco-back pain.

Now let me hold back my comment on this ‘chimney’

This feels strongly as a Leonora Carrington knock-off.

Giant pottery with a small flower.

Blaze is playing it well.





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