Colonial vibes

//Colonial vibes

Colonial vibes

Villa de Leyva definitely has some colonial vibes left even these days. Walking the cobblestone streets you will not be disturbed much, it’s a pretty quiet place and the whitewash buildings are quite simple, nothing sophisticated. It might be a good hideaway if you want to forget about the world and the world to forget about you; except the weekends, when the Bogotans (rolos) pour in, ¬†or the towns yearly fiesta, Dia de la Virgen del Carmen. It has a certain charm which after a longer stay can turn into bland. Or maybe that’s good for some people. Many houses have a bench in front, sometimes just a plank on rocks, you can sit and let time fly by. Given the number of street dogs you kinda need to watch your step while walking around. While there are many restaurants and coffee houses, the signs on the buildings are not overwhelming like in many places and the colonial look is still strong. In many places I traveled I found beautiful colonial buildings and there is this huge sign on it ‘Papeleria’,’Fotocopias’ or ‘Tienda Susy’, name it. And yeah, no Chino crap flowing out and piled in the front of the tiendas. Usually the day starts out sunny until about 1-2 PM, then clouds will roll in. SO if you want blue sky photos, shoot in the morning, if you want clouds, shoot in the afternoon. As I noticed sunsets are not turning the clouds red usually, and if, not more than 2-3 minutes.



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