Dia de la virgen del Carmen

//Dia de la virgen del Carmen

Dia de la virgen del Carmen

Villa de Leyva celebrated ‘Dia de la virgen del Carmen’ and the town was packed with tourists. Basically the setup was the same as the previous two days: drink, food, music stage, rides, vendors, street dogs, crowd, fireworks at the end of the day.That pretty much sounds like the Calgary Stampede week, minus the street dogs, plus the rodeo. And yeah let’s not forget the hats, cowboy hats in Calgary and ‘sombrero vueltiao’ in Colombia. Add some cool Colombian ponchos and hand woven shoulder bags.

Baskets full of whole fried chickens ‘to go’. Blaze nailed a nice chunk fallen on the ground beside the basket.

It’s a religious celebration so there were some related vendor stands.

The crowd was filling up the streets.

Most of the day was hot, ice cream was godsend.

The beer tents were filled.

The ‘sombrero vueltiao’ pretty cool striped design.

There was no food shortage in the cobblestone plaza.

A giant wood fired bbq in a parking lot.

For whatever reason vendors selling hats is a ‘thing’ in all countries.

A continuous flow of tourists on the cobblestone streets.

Supposedly it’s the largest cobblestone plaza in South America (14,000 sq.m), will get a better look at it when it clears.




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