Villa de Leyva

//Villa de Leyva

Villa de Leyva

Time stood still in Villa de Leyva for a long time, but not anymore. Nowadays I think is Colombia’s most visited colonial town especially that Bogota with its 10 million population is 3-4 hours drive away. The streets are paved with cobblestones, the buildings are the ‘usual’ white colonial structures from the XVI century, some well preserved, some well renovated, some falling apart. Plenty of vacant lots available as I noticed. As with many other places I look at the place with the ‘would I move here?’ question. Then, if I move here, after the ‘magic’ expires what would I do to not to bore myself to death. It’s nestled in a high valley, with desert climate at 2,100 altitude 37 km from Tunja, the closest largish city. Very conveniently, they set up a ‘peaje’ (toll-booth) just 7 km before you arrive to town, where you pay 7,000 cop. So if you want to go shopping in Tunja you’ll drop 14,000 cop for getting out and in Villa de Leyva, unless there is another road available.

So, I will kick off my photo series about this place with some shots taken at night at the fiesta, which happened to be right now. Mostly feels like a country fair with rides for the kids and the usual food-drink-souvenir vendors. The food stands are about double if not more of the ‘normal’ price.

Hats, everywhere I go is a major souvenir thing. I made a mistake and bought a Panama hat in Ecuador.

A popular spot for kids.

Lots of vendor stands, little buyers.

Oops, Blaze’s era in the photo. The main electrical source for the vendors.

Slapping on beef on the bbq.

Hot dogs ready for grab.

Burgers are popular these days.

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