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Punchi Warmi

Punchi Warmi means Women’s Power in Quechua language. After having the men’s ‘toma de la plaza’  ‘(occupy the plaza) event for four days in Cotacahi Ecuador, the women closed the Inti Raymi celebrations on Saturday, July 1st with their own celebration: Punchi Warmi (women’s power). Basically it was a similar thing but more quiet. The local women dressed in traditional clothing stomped their way around the main plaza of the town in a less outgoing way than the men. Music was provided by few men playing on the guitar and harmonica, a monotone repetitive short melody. The number of the dancers was a fraction compared to the men’s event but many spectators joined the ritual shortly. The riot police was gone, only few local authorities standing on the side.

The thickness of those golden colour necklaces apparently are indicating social status within the community.

The long celebration slowly wrapped up. It was one of those events you need to see once in a lifetime. It’s admirable that they freely celebrate (slash protest) in public their ancient beliefs and traditions without much constraint in a so called ‘third world country’.


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