Inti Raymi continued

//Inti Raymi continued

Inti Raymi continued

According to the local media there were about 2,000 dancers at the Inti Raymi festival in Cotacachi the past weekend and about 370 police. I left the event at about two in the afternoon on Sunday while things were normal. Later on it came down on the news that fight broke out between the groups and roughly 30 people got hurt (pelear). This was not exactly a new thing as the event is known for ‘settling’ some tensions which pile up during the year between individuals and communities. The second part of the celebration was scheduled and took place on June 29-30. You would think that based on the fights the event would be cancelled, nope. I decided to participate on Thursday. As I walked out from the parking lot the lady who runs the place warned me to watch out for the ‘pelear’. Basically the whole celebration was similar as of the previous weekend. The crowd was just as big, it did not matter that it was a weekday. Maybe the only difference I saw was the higher number of law enforcement. This time few army trucks loaded with special forces pulled in too. The local women participated actively in the parade this time, walking along the men and shouting ‘no violence!’. The police was somewhat more involved in channeling the groups on the streets, what they did pretty calm. Every now and then even the police guys pulled out their phones and snapped some photos of the event. Other than that the dancing-stomping-chanting seemed to be going on unchanged. There was a certain ‘it’s out tradition, it’s our right’ feel to it.


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