Inti Raymi, the show goes on

//Inti Raymi, the show goes on

Inti Raymi, the show goes on

The Inti Raymi dances went on and on Saturday in the main plaza and streets of Cotacachi. People were quite soggy by the end of the day from all the alcohol consumed and smokes rolled. In the meantime I got locked-in by an suv in the parking lot, couldn’t leave. Oh well, I slept well after all and even some weak wifi streamed in on and off from the city. There was no way to leave therefore I stayed another day at the celebrations. The parking lot gate freed up only by the afternoon anyways. So day two was up and no matter how hard they partied the previous day the men were back by 11 AM and started basically the same thing all over again and with the same amplitude. So I did the same thing, got mixed-in the crowd and shot some more photos. This time I used only a wide angle lens and part of the photos were published on the blog yesterday. Today I will post photos taken only with long lens. I think a 70-200 is a must when you travel and you are keen to shoot bunch of events like I do. It allows you to stay out of the way at a discrete distance and get those close-ups. Using it wide open isolates the theme from the background and makes the main subject pop more. Although in this swirling party I should say it was quite a thing to lock in on the subject. With all my ETTL flashes broken for the moment I had to rely completely on the natural light so I had to be more careful on the Sun’s direction. Well, tell that to the dancers ‘hey could you move a bit so the Sun gets you at 45?’. ‘Hold it please, move head a notch on right…’. Yeah right. The wide rimmed cardboard hats were no help either as they cast quite a shadow on the faces. But, this is it, work with it, it ain’t no yuppie studio here with light meters and makeups. Tech: Canon 7D2 &70-200F2.8L.





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