Colonial hangover

//Colonial hangover

Colonial hangover

Chuchaqui is a word adopted from the Quechua language, which means hangover from drunkenness. Also often used to describe the contradictory state between colonialism and independence. Bullfighting is one of the Spanish customs that is in the chuchaqui state. Abolishing the custom is not only an issue for animal rights activists, but also part of a historical battle to uproot Ecuador’s colonial legacy. I extracted these thoughts from a very well written article HERE. I had the occasion to participate at an event and before any comment on my choice please note that I am a traveling photographer observing my surrounding through my lens as is. At this event there was a rejoneador, which fights the bull from the horse and several matadors, who fight the bull on the ground. I ended up leaving the event earlier than I expected originally.

Alexander Rupert Fiske-Harrison, an English prize-winning author, journalist, broadcaster and conservationist (animal intelligence and animal wellfare), lived, trained and fought alongside matadors. He argued “In terms of animal welfare, the fighting bull lives four to six years whereas the meat cow lives one to two. What is more, it doesn’t just live in the sense of existing, it lives a full and natural life. Those years are spent free roaming in the dehesa, the lightly wooded natural pastureland which is the residue of the ancient forests of Spain. It is a rural idyll, although with the modern additions of full veterinary care and an absence of predators big enough to threaten evolution’s answer to a main battle tank. Other arguments include that the death of animals in slaughterhouses is very often worse than the death in the ring, and that both types of animal die for entertainment since humans do not need to consume meat, eating it instead for taste (bulls enter the food chain after the bullfight). Now reading these lines and seeing live a bullfight are two different things.

As of 2017 there are eight countries in the world where bull fighting is still practiced. In the same time we have humans carrying out unnecessary active wars and violent acts around the world. The film industry is releasing endless violent movies and children are playing violent electronic games. Even Disney movies can lead to a traumatic psychological impact.

Have a nice BBQ this weekend!

The ground is getting soaked by a firefighter.

Two circles are drawn, not sure why.

Matador’s sword is getting sharpened.

The national anthem is played out loud.

Showing off horse training.

The picadors are pinching in.

Matador’s expression when all went as planned.

Spectators are throwing in hats. The matador wipes his sweaty forehead and throws back the hats.

A matador leaps the fence.

A big hug for the matador.

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