Toacaso, arena action

//Toacaso, arena action

Toacaso, arena action

A third visit to a chagra event took place at the high altitude small town of Toacaso, Cotopaxi, at about 3,100 meters altitude. When we arrived it was absolutely stunning sunny weather which later on turned into a rainy day. The setup pretty much the same, chagras, horses, rodeo arena, food stands and booze. Party like a chagra. In this post will focus on the competition, which is pretty much involves a running bull, two horsemen, leather lassos, judges and timing. Music blasted from loudspeakers or a marching band taking turns to set the party tone. Most of the time the chagras are chasing the bulls trying to catch them with the leather lasso. Sometimes the bull takes the lead and is chasing the horsemen, he has to have some fun too.


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