The other side of the Andes

//The other side of the Andes

The other side of the Andes

We rolled down to the other side of the Andes. Drove up to Nueva Loja, practically 20 km from the Colombian border, then down to Coca, Loreto, Archidona, Tena and Puerto Misahualli. Hot, hot, hot weather, the highest we touched was 44 C. This is where the Ecuadorian oil production is the main business. For the ‘real’ Amazon you need to go deeper into the jungle on a boat trip. For now, that’s out of reach, especially with Blaze. We took a boat spin in Puerto Misahualli, on the Napo river and it seemed less exciting then I expected. Beside oil production there is lot of cocoa production in the area as well. Ecuadorian cocoa is top rated in the chocolate manufacturing world. I must say Ecuador is an amazing country.






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