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Olmedo Pesillo

One of those ‘just drive and we’ll see where we end up’ day-trip. Drove up from Ibarra to Zuleta and kept going until we reached Olmedo-Pesillo. There are two adjacent indigenous villages under one jurisdiction. Not sure how many tourists are getting lost and visiting this area. The history of the area goes back to the times of Pizzaro and if you look at the architecture not much have changed in the past 100 years or so around here. There is an abandoned hacienda in Pesillo, built in the XVII century, abandoned nowadays, beside a single ram inside one of the courtyards. There are incipient sign of renovations, but at the moment nothing happens. Stopped in the center of Olmedo, not many people around, some street dogs having a fight over a bitch in heat. As I walked around with a camera a mid-age local woman stops me and points to a side street where I can take a photo of volcano Cayambe, she spoke English to me. I asked if the volcano is not covered in clouds, as it was overcast sky, but she insisted that nope it’s visible. It wasn’t. Anyways, what is not even surprising anymore that how friendly are Ecuadorians in general.

Roadside food ‘seco de borrego’ aka bbq’d lamb with fava beans, toasted corn, boiled potato and salad.




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