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Scary, strange, adjusting, getting used to it and normal. I guess these are the stages of traveling in Latin America. Blending in and understanding it 100% is out of question, I think you need to be born into this environment for that. Crowd, noise, colours, smoke, smell, language, garbage, hygiene, currency. People selling food from street level, the plates are rinsed in dubious water before serving the next customer at a food stand, meat in the sun, flies circling, some flies landing on food. Stray dogs, beggars, vendors bugging you continuously. ¬†Fried pig heads starring back at you from food stands, I guess I’ll stay mostly vegetarian. And yeah, depending on where you are tourists (me too) snapping photos of all of this. Some right into the face of locals with their lens, without any consideration. But most of the locals are pretty lenient about this, after all the gringos are going to buy some of the stuff. The offer is enormous, you can walk for hours to cover the market. Am I still enjoying this? Some days more some days less, but I still show interest in it. The best is to switch it up, some days city, then nature, then this then that. After all I will stop traveling sooner or later, at least here in South America.



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