We had a glance into Ecuadorian education. It  just happened that we had an opportunity to visit an art school. Not exactly sure the level of it, it’s classified locally as ‘technological school’ but below university level, still accredited as higher education by SENESCYT. Based on the fact that we just showed up at the door unannounced and unplanned things went way above expectation. Basically we just walked by an interestingly looking building, with painted wall murals and statues above its gate and thing went from there. First and foremost I need to mention the outstanding approach of the personnel as well as students to our visit. We were allowed to visit just about all the studios, talk to the personnel and students. There are about 300 students attending this art school, all supplies and three sets of simple but practical uniforms are provided free of charge. This is a public school and admission is based on talent with equal opportunity for everyone. Now this is a really rare thing in 2017.  The building is simple but no less or no more what needed for this kind of education. The atmosphere is very pleasant, nothing uptight and our presence was taken with a casual approach. This visit gave an extra dimension to our travel, beyond the ordinary. I was allowed to take photos and I approached this privilege with a toned down shooting style. First of all I don’t like to stick the lens in anybody’s face, stay out of their way completely as an observer and avoid people getting uptight because of the camera. Don’t rearrange the scene to please the lens, rather move around to capture everything as is for a completely realistic photo. Talent has no geographical boundaries and free, quality education is possible. All public universities in Ecuador are free of tuition.


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