Food prices, Ecuador

//Food prices, Ecuador

Food prices, Ecuador

Food is one of those things what we all need few times a day. We found that Ecuadorian food is pretty good quality, decent prices and lots of natural products, no sugar added. Finally high quality all natural yogourt, which was sorely missed for a log time. Supermaxi, Mi Comisariato and Aki are popular supermarkets, Supermaxi has free wifi and lots of organic stuff. We buy here stuff what is not available in produce markets. For fruits and veggies the produce markets are unbeatable, sometimes the prices are extremely low. I could say a couple can get by for $200 a month. For Blaze we spend about $2 every 3-4 days for home made food which is usually chicken liver-hearts with rice and veggies and the newly discovered beef cartilages from Supermaxi for treats. We checked out the miniature ’gringo market’ in Cotacachi to have an ‘expat-feel’ of the area. There are quite a few expats producing this and that and selling in the small market which is basically a yard of a building close to the centre, a miniature version of the one in SMA, Mexico. Some prices below for example, will add later more. Because of the large number of produce markets the supermarkets are having a serious competition. The supermarkets couldn’t kill the small producers around here. A small producer has a higher opportunity here than for example in Canada. 

Supermaxi or AKI (not a huge difference), similar to any North American supermarket. Clean, curteous and easy to navigate, you don’t need to walk half an hour to the other end of the store. Less junk on shelves than in USA and even Canada. 

organic salad                                        .99

Ricotta cheese  500 g                         1.69

Filtered water 5L                                 1.05

Harina Arveja (Pea flour)  500g             .56 

Quinoa flour 500g                               2.26

Rye flour 500 g                                   1.31

soft cheese  500g                               2.98

Peanut butter 150g                             1.26

Natural Yogurt 1 kg                             2.27

Eggs 12 pcs                                        1.91

Jam in plastic tube                              1.10

Banana chips                                       1.33

Cream                                                  1.23

butter 250 g                                         1.86

coffe filters 100                                     1.30

semolina  500g                                     0.98

rice noodles  500g                                1.70

brown rice 2 kg                                     2.98

whole wheat tortillas  12 pcs                 2.40

dried lentils 500g                                   0.98

barley flour   500g                                  0.51

Mayo 250g                                            1.08

mozarella 500g                                      5.31

flat beans flour  500g                             0.82

organic panela (sugar) 500g                  1.32

clorox gel                                               1.78

german bread kg                                    3.86

Produce market Ibarra, seems like most of the things are $1-2/kg. There is no shortage of produce and many vendors are open for a deal.  

potato     1 kg                                           1.00

chicken liver 1 kg                                     1.00

fresh soft cheese 500g                            2.00

feta cheese 1 kg                                      4.50

heavy cream 1/2 kg                                 2.00

avocado 5-10 pcs                                    1.00

apple      10 pcs, small                             1.00

bananas  2 kg                                          1.00

tomato     1 kg                                          1.00

bagels 8 pcs                                             1.00

carrots  1 kg                                              0.50

ground beef 500 g                                     3.00

platano         1 kg                                      1.00

wild blueberries 500g                                1.00

12 pcs araucana (blue) eggs                     3.00

rice  1/2 kg                                                 0.30-0.40

chicken whole per 1/2 kg                           1.30

Gringo market – Cotacachi

multigrain baguette sub-size very good quality 4 pcs     $3.00

Artisan cheese   500 g                                                    $5.00

small cucumber   8 pcs                                                   $1.00

hand made soap                                                             $3.00

broccoli large org                                                            $1.00

lovage                                                                             $ 0.50

leek                                                                                 $ 0.50


Avocado, cheap and good.

There is no food shortage in Ecuador.

Some bulk product in large bags can be imported, watch out for these, can be GMO.

Wild blueberry from the surrounding mountains, yum.

1 kg all natural yogurt.

Super cheap and super good ricotta.

Artisan multigrain bagels in Cotacachi, excellent.

Basil flavoured artisan cheese in Cotacachi, absolutely delicious.

More artisan cheese, in average $5 per lb.

Artisan handmade soap.

The small ‘gringo’ market, they call it ‘Mercado Americano’.

Less than perfect look? Organic.

Spice it up.

Quinoa, finally affordable here in contrast to Colombia, where is expensive.

Organic produce from indigeonus producers.


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