Extending tourist visa in Ecuador

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Extending tourist visa in Ecuador

I extended my Ecuador tourist visa in Ibarra. There is a new option of 90 days extension introduced in February 2017. Given the fact that is a smaller city and everything s 5-10 minutes away by vehicle makes things easier. The official lady at the small office was very helpful and after she enlisted the needed stuff I set off and I was done by 4 PM beside the Polocia Migratorio.

Things needed:

  • passport main page photocopy and entry visa stamp photocopy
  • one colour passport photo
  • application downloaded from here
  • criminal record downloaded from here, just enter passport number and download pdf
  • printout from policia migratorio $5.00
  • pay $50 to the given account number at Banecuador as application fee
  • email address for notification
  • phone number and an address you stay at until you receive the extension
  • life insurance either you travel with or make one locally ($141.00 for a year, remainder will be refunded when you cancel the insurance at exiting the country)

I submitted all by next day 11 AM and received an approval email by 6:30 PM. According to some it was a surprisingly fast approval, usually takes days or weeks.

Go to the office again next day.

  • you pay $100.00 to the same account at Bancolombia
  • they take your photo with a web cam despite you submitted a passport photo
  • you will receive a full passport page visa sticker for 90 days

I had to wait until the next working day for the visa as they ran out of printer cartridge.

With the visa in passport head to Quito airport Aduana SENAE for vehicle importation renewal. From Ibarra is exactly 2 hours and you don’t need to enter Quito at all. I understood that this is the only place for importation permit renewal.

You need:

  • passport copy and new visa copy colour copies preferred although they accepted my b&w ones
  • driver license copy
  • vehicle registration copy
  • previous importation paper copy
  • cash for parking, I paid $6.50 for 3 hours

They will take some photos of the vehicle and take in the papers, wait a little bit and receive new permit. All you need to pay is the parking fee.  As we arrived at lunch time, after picked up the tourist visa in Ibarra, our total time was three hours. All the officials in the two processes were helpful and friendly, zero complaint here. The process takes some runaround and patience but is not that bad.Preferably do it in a smaller city as Quito, Guayaquil or Cuenca is swamped and to pick up all needed stuff is time consuming. Ibarra seemed just about the right place for this.

Enjoy Ecuador for three more months, it’s a small country but there’s lots to see and do.


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