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We crossed the border from Peru and by next day late evening we arrived to Ibarra. It was a long shot but the Ecuadorian roads are getting better and better and driving through the country is getting easier. The Riobamba to Ibarra stretch is pretty good, while Riobamba to Cuenca is OK. We hit the Mercado Amazonas in Ibarra for some food and might as well shot some photos while walking around. I guess this is what people call street photography. The main thing I would say is to push the release button before anybody pays attention which is quite a task. It’s hard to not bring attention on me walking around with a camera at 6-2 height in the least foreigner over-ran largish city in Ecuador. And maybe that’s why I started to like it around here. While Cotacachi is some 30 minutes away with a somewhat higher number of expats Ibarra somehow is not as overrun as let’s say Cuenca or Quito. For now.

Fresh cheese in the market, definitely worth trying.

Try some figs boiled in panela with the fresh cheese.


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