While we planned to stay few days anyways at Swisswassi campground, we can change the reason of stay to ‘stranded’. So the Peru floods took out several roads and bridges lately and therefore there is no way of continuous travel through the country at the moment. We had to leave Ecuador anyways as our visa was expiring in few days. Luckily we are ‘stranded’ in a proper campground on the Pacific coast some 99 km from the border, not a huge ground but fits few vehicles, let’s say 4-5 now that they entered in collaboration with the neighbour and there is some extra space. Clean bathrooms with hot showers, electrical hookup and wifi. The basics are covered. The weather is on the hot side, the official version is 29C high, but I can assure the reality is 10C higher. We run some fans in the van and still the temperature stays inside above 29C. Blaze is on the ‘suffering’ side, he never ever liked high temperatures, such a mountain dog. He gets watered or wiped down often and shedding is on the way also. We have not been on sea level since we crossed from Panama, which was July 4th, 2016 so it will take some getting used to the high heat. To kill some time I will probably post some boring sunset and Blaze photos.


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