Tumbes is not quite in forefront of Peruvian travel books. Beside being the first large(ish) town after border-crossing from Ecuador not much to write home about. Hot, humid and you get a first taste of Peruvian chaotic traffic. Not much to photograph? Check out these picture perfect tuk-tuks. Just because it’s 34C in the shade doesn’t mean I’m leaving without photos. But our main reason to visit was to buy a 220V to 110V transformer. According to our host most of the stores would have been closed on Sunday, personal expierence: nothing was closed. We did find a proper converter also, not the cheapest, but it has a 2,000w capacity, weights about 7-8 kg and we can run basically everything on it. The Peru-wide flood hit this town too, but not as badly as other areas, there is some mud on the streets and the prices shoot up in town, just like everywhere else because of shortage. Luckily we loaded up before border crossing in Machala.


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