Sea level

//Sea level

Sea level

Rolled down from Vilcabamba to sea level. First the road climbs up to about 2,500 m altitude from Vilcabamba and after some usual rollercoaster drive through the mountains drops down to sea level. The road is good towards Machala, not considering some parts where mud and landslides took their toll. It looked that it happened not much before we drove through the area, it could have been few hours or a day before, no clue, in this part of the world you cannot tell. Some spots were congested, waited for our turn to squeeze through and of course the occasional a-hole who wants to push off the road everybody cuz his in a big hurry no matter what. With the slow-down and all basically I can say we were lucky that this happened before and not when we were driving through.

Some places the road disappeared in a washed out ravine.

There is always an a…ole who is in a bigger hurry than other, no matter what. Quite a few in this area of Ecuador.


Another one in a big hurry, had to pull over and let him go…

Another place where the road gave in.

 The yoga place of the campground.

Blaze on the walk through the campground compound.

Our ‘camping’ spot at the Izhcayluma Hosteria. The whole ground is awesome, pleasant place. It would take very little to spice up the overlander area a bit too, which is basically a gravel parking lot for now.

Our next ‘camping’ at Santa Rosa. It’s a cross-over between unfinished building project, farm and swimming pool area. Add about half million mosquitoes per square meter. Have to keep the van doors closed, even with the mosquito nets on which yields 30C inside the van. On the up-side we have wifi. Blaze is not that happy about the sudden heat and he does not care about the wifi.

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