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What is the best travel camera is a really open ended question. Whatever you feel that will do for you on the road and the quality of photos you want to return with from the trip. Sony’s full frame series of A7 and all kind of variations of it looks like the right one. Small, lightweight, full frame and paired with fake Zeiss ‘Sony Zeiss’ lens will bring along good photos. I love to hate it and hate to love it. Never got beyond this level. I have the camera for over a year, shot several thousands of photos with it. The sensor is great, the dynamic range is great, the camera around it is not so great. Durability is the main issue. The cost is high, the materials used are low quality plastics. Mine fell from bout 3 feet to the ground inside the van, basically on my foot while inside a protective bag. The lens broke off the camera. The lens mount is held to the body by four miniature screws. Two screw heads broke off and the cheap metal ring bent out of shape. Luckily I got a new Fotodiox ring ordered from Amazon and my daughter brought it down while visiting. The two screws were replaced by some old sunglass screws, the camera is working again. My trust in Sony has decreased substantially. Definitely not even close to a serious DSLR built quality. The camera looks worn as if it would be 10 years old. My 12 years old Canon 5D MKI looks better after heavy use. So yeah, before you throw out your trusted DSLR for some new mirrorless cheapie, think twice about how heavily you are going to use it. Travel photography is quite different than some sterile studio environment or some weekend warrior style. Dust, high humidity will take its toll, sooner than later. Sony is not built for extreme conditions.

The cheap lens cap of the ‘Zeiss” 16-35 F4 has broke after about 2 months.

While the original Sony mounting ring exterior is metal the interior is cheap plastic actually.

The Fotodiox mounting ring is somewhat tougher all made of metal although I had to enlarge the hole where the lens holding peg comes through so it pops up completely, otherwise the lens was falling off. Made in China, what do I expect?

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