Colibrí or hummingbird in English seems to be everywhere in Mindo, or is it? We walked for hours and hours around for two days but have seen just a few hummingbirds in the wild actually. The numerous restaurants and hostels in the area are baiting birds as their local attraction with overripe bananas and sugary water in plastic bird feeders. So if you want to see a bunch of colibris, you need to go to one of these places. We ‘camped’ at La Roulotte hostel and they had the bait set up by their restaurant window and indeed bunch of hummingbirds would come around late in the afternoon. As we are in the cloud forest the light is pretty dim in the late afternoon, so high ISO is necessary to capture these fast moving miniature birds on camera, even with the use of flash. I hovered around ISO 800 – 2,000 to keep the shutter speed fast enough for freeze frame. As my longest lens is 70-200 I used a 1.6 Kenko teleconverter to get decently close to the birds. The teleconverter unfortunately knocks down my aperture from 2.8 to 4.0 and some loss of sharpness also. Adding to that the high ISO, the photos are not as great as I would like and has yield only some mediocre images. 400-500 mm would be more desired, but I’m not a bird photographer and anyways who hauls around that length of lens on an overland trip? I spent about 2-3 hours on this theme before wrapping up our visit to the soggy Mindo, which seems to be a bit overpriced generally speaking. 

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