A different day

//A different day

A different day

It was a different day today compared to yesterday. Set out for another walk in the rain forest, which started with a pay-up. Looks like around Mindo is called ‘skin that tourist’. Three bux a person to enter the forest. Right. For three that equals the entry fee to a Canadian national park. Fine, we are in the jungle now, we paid and started the muddy descent towards the river. The steep descent was not much excitement, garbage here and there, few abandoned structures, mud. Once arrived to river level the landscape turned somewhat better. Crossed the makeshift bamboo bridge across the fast water, then continued on the path along the river. Came across some roughly build pools and a waterslide where you can drop right in the river. Exciting, but we carried on. Arrived to another bridge beside a small waterfall, then the rain started to pour down. Luckily there was a roof we can sit under until the rain tapered off, then we started the walk up on the muddy path again. Topped out at the gravel road by the ‘cable car’ and we are announced that we need to pay another $5/pp. What for? Because we walked through the forest. Well, nope. Seriously if we need to pay $8 USD/pp to walk a bit in the muddy forest I see no reason being here. Seriously. Nice try though.

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