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After using up our visa and an extension in Colombia, we crossed back to Ecuador just one day before our visa extension expired. That means we spent a total of six months in Colombia. Some people drive from Alaska to Patagonia in this timeframe. But everybody with their own travel schedule. After a fairly easy border crossing we headed directly to Arco Iris hot springs and soaked a bit in volcanic water. Entry is $5.00 pp and boon-docking is free in the front of the hotel. They even gave us the wifi password. Although there is a clear ‘no-dogs’ sign at the entrance to the hot springs we were allowed to take Blaze inside.

Next day we drove to Ibarra, picked up some food from the market, dropped by our friends at Orta Nova for lunch, checked in to Finca Sommerwind then returned for pizza dinner to Orta Nova again (location on iOverlander).




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