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We entered Colombia from Ecuador on August 28, 2016. After a few days of driving I was convinced that we will be out from here in about a month. I think the main thing what ticked me off was the road tolls, which can be quite high in Colombia, the fairly high price of gas, almost $1 a liter and the slow drag on narrow roads. Fast forward to February 2017, we are still in Colombia. True, we barely drove in the past three months beside picking up groceries and such. We needed a rest after the unnerving Panama, not sure why but Panama was extremely tiring, the heat, lack of campgrounds (basically camping in parking lots with zero amenities), the break down of the van and the nerves surrounding the shipping process. Once we reached Medellin we were ready to turn around and return South to Ecuador. Then we rolled in to               Al Bosque Hostel and Glamping and stayed pretty much three months in one spot. A rest stop badly needed in my opinion, road fatigue could set in sooner or later with any traveller. It’s a good spot to overstay: hot shower, full kitchen with oven (where was the last time you have seen a fully equipped kitchen in a campground?), pretty good wifi, super dog friendly and awesome friendly owners. All these for a decent daily rate. With the rainy season full on, it was a good time to rest, cook proper meals for us and for Blaze and sleep-in. I think this was the first time since I don’t know when that I slept sometimes 8-9 or even more hours at night, even with the annoying roosters going off hourly at night. Then I got to work and edited a bunch of photos taken in the last 6 months or so, organized them and submitted to stock agencies. Every penny income on the road is highly appreciated. Here are few examples of stock agency interfaces, some with very simple, some with quite annoying submission process.

Adobe Stock formerly Fotolia sales report. They started to pay better than others and sales are up.

Adobe Stock submission page, way better than Fotolia used to be.

123RF has a pretty simple submission page, low sales volume for now.

Alamy has the most annoying submission page, sales are low. With all that at least the photos are going through the QC process first and then you need to submit the approved ones. All agencies supposed to be like this.

Dreamstime has a slow and annoying submission page as well, sales are mediocre.

Shutterstock, simple submission, highest sales volume, fast review process these days.

Depositphotos with a simple submission page, fairly fast approval time, sales are mediocre.

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