Renewing car permit in Colombia

//Renewing car permit in Colombia

Renewing car permit in Colombia

So we renewed our tourist visas and next was to renew the temporary car import permit. A fairly simple process, right in the middle of downtown Medellin at the DIAN office. The renewal is free of charge and there is a little bit of runaround like photocopies and sending WIN number and license plate photos through email. There is free wifi in the plaza next to the building. It could be different for different travellers. Then wait two days and return to pick up the new permit. Basically we needed few hours in three consecutive days with the visa and vehicle renewal and ended up with three more months worth of stay possibility. While I went to pick up the new paper today I snapped few photos of Plaza de la Libertad, where the DIAN office is. The architecture of the plaza and surrounding buildings are mostly grey concrete, a large sculpture in the middle and bunch of government workers laying around in the shade on their lunch-break. Surprisingly there is a bike share station few steps from the plaza. Sometimes I’m just standing there scratching my head: Medellin has a bike share system, while Calgary is still stuck in it’s ‘feasibility study’ stage since 2012. The ‘comprehensive biking strategy study contains lines like: ‘Creating a city where Calgarians will choose to cycle or walk will result in improved air quality and decreased greenhouse gas emission.’ Is it written for kids up to age three or is it based on a communist model where you had to fill eight pages with words, no matter how stupid it might sound?  Ok let’s shoot off another line ‘Cycling and walking are affordable ways to travel and can improve health.’ No way, really? Hope they spent at least 3 million bucks on this study with the involvement of a group of Phd scientists. ‘Providing safe cycling and walking options for Calgarians can help attract and retain and nurture business in Calgary.’ Mayor Nenshi, who tf you hired to write this up?












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